Oauth2 Not working

Has the Oauth2 steps changed? They do not seem to work anymore.
I am following this guide. OAuth2 Authentication - Keap Developer Portal
I first request the oauth2 access by calling /app/oath/authorize endpoint with the client_id, redirect_uri, and scope. The user logs in but then there is no code in the redirect uri. It just says tate=&error=server_error&error_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fdeveloper.infusionsoft.com%2Fdocs%2Fread%2FGetting_Started_With_OAuth2&error_description=An+error+occurred in the redirect uri.
Please help
This use to work back around January

The message would indicate that something has changed at the redirect end point side. There’s any number of things it could be but having access to the server would be a must in order to track it down, so whom ever handles that for you is who you’d want looking into it.

Hello John,
I figured out the solution and this is for future reference for other users.
“Please note that we recently migrated our API Proxy provider from Mashery to Apigee. Please check out these API community posts for FAQs and to ask questions to our API developers:”
Our Api redirect url uses a fragment(#) in the route but this is not supported by Apigee…it was supported by Mashery.
Changing this helped make things work again.