Sending contact info in ADF/XML format via HTTP post

FYI, I am not a developer. Im just a marketing manager trying to figure out how to get Infusionsoft to speak to another 3rd party software.

How would I find out if Infusionsoft has the ability to send contact record information in the ADF/XML format?

ADF/XML is an industry specific (automotive) format for sending contact info to and from 3rd party softwares. We are a car dealer who needs to send contact info via automation to another CRM so that we can process the sales contracts. I see work around solutions like leads bridge but it seams like something that might be possible via an HTTP post?

This is not supported out of the box. The Http Post sends data in a very specific format (not ADF/XML). You would need to write some code that will accept the HTTP Post and then transform it to ADF/XML to forward on into the downstream system.