Retrieve Tasks from xmlrpc api

Is there a way to retrieve Tasks from the xmlrpc api? My goal is to retrieve tasks generally (not just related to a specific contact).


Use the data query method on the ContactAction table and filter the type as ‘Task’

Cool thanks!

Can we destructure this request so it’s easier for people discovering this to understand what they need to do? So right now using a Javascript API wrapper for XML-RPC I’ve got :
infusionsoft.DataService.query(‘ContactAction’, 50, 0, , fields).then(function (actions) {
I take it the arguments for this are supposed to line up with XML Table Query and the table schema for ContactAction.

I’m just a little confused as to where this ‘Filter’ goes since the arguments seem to be privateKey, table, limit, page, queryData, selectedFields, orderBy and ascending
In my above query the private key is handled by the Javascript wrapper (I think)

You’ve introduced more in the process that documentation covers so there is naturally going to be some dis-connect as IS/Keap can’t account for everyone’s preferences in coding.

By your wording, I’m also unclear what your actually having an issue with?

Retrieving ContactActions, it’s via the DataService Query method right? Instead of Load which is what I’m more familiar with. Even in an abstracted sense what would I need to retrieve let’s say, ContactActions for an opportunity by the Opportunity’s ID? Essentially I’m trying to get the Notes part of the opportunity since it doesn’t seem to be available via a QueryString in the Rest Method (like custom fields are). I see Opportunities have Tasks as well. Also would I be able to register a RestHook for something like note.edit and get similar data? For our application it might make more sense to observe that

You would query the Id field on an opportunity record (which is the “Lead” table). For ContactAction, you could query the ContactId field to get all the notes/appointments/tasks for that contact and then filter out just the tasks.

When you use the rest hooks, it will pass the element id (like a task id) and the contact id to you and then you would use the api to .Load($id) from the table. Rest hooks don’t send the record but rather just the record id in question.