ContactAction xml-rpc questions

I’m working on something that will read in all in Notes, Tasks and Appointments, as well as provide for creation and update.

I’ve figured a few things out that aren’t really documented (seems like a UserID must be supplied or it won’t display in the UI), but I wanted to see if anyone here has a codified understanding of it.

The type for the object created at ContactAction is coerced from the data? So far I think everything I’ve created is being treated as a Task, and I haven’t managed to create a Appointment or Note. For appointment I gather from here that IsAppointment must be set to one, and certain date fields must be used vs others.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Alright so I might have it.

Note - Must Specify a CompletionDate
Appointment - Must Specify an EndDate and IsAppointment must be 1
Task - Anything else

For all of these I’ve been specifying ActionDate as the field the best describes the ‘when’ of this object, but maybe that varies more by type than I originally guessed

@Ben_Smith, this looks correct to me, these can be a little tricky sometimes. The “ActionDate” should be specific to Tasks&Appointments, “ActionDate” was originally intended as a “due date”, see our help article on the each of the tasks/appointments fields here. I will talk to the team about updating the documentation with details around this.