How to create a Task in ContactAction with a Pop Up Reminder enabled?

Has anyone found a way to create a Task via the OAuth API in the ContactAction table such that a Pop Up Reminder is set for the Task?

Simply filling the “PopUpDate” field does not seem to work.

We recently added support for reminders via the REST API for Appointments, specified in minutes as remind_time, but haven’t done that change for Tasks yet. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to implement that soon.

There isn’t any way to modify popups through the XML-RPC API (that I am aware of).

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Using the XML-RPC to write to the contact action table and setting the PopupDate (which is a date/time field) should create the popup trigger.

Thanks John. I had beat my head on that field for a while prior to posting this question. The field can indeed be written, but it doesn’t result in a popup.


OK thanks Tom. You’ve confirmed what I was starting to conclude.