ContactAction equivalent in new rest API?


We are in the process of updating from the deprecated XMLRPC to the REST API. We are using contactAction to add Notes to Contacts very similar to the question asked here. I was hoping they could update their answer, but I was directed to this forum. Here is the thread:

I cannot find a way to achieve this with the new rest API in the documentation or source code. Has this been implemented yet?

Thanks for any help!

REST is still in development. I don’t think notes have been added yet. For now anyway, you’ll have to use the xml-rpc call for the table (you can use the same access token as you would for REST).

@John_Borelli is correct, we have implemented appointments and tasks in REST but have not completed notes yet.

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Thanks for letting me know. Is there some way we can find out when it’s completed, other than periodically checking back to see if it’s been added to the documentation?

IS posts api updates to the api q & a forum regularly. Not sure how to recommend getting notified about an individual feature addition so that might be the best thing (to check in maybe once a week to look at the update notice).

Thank you, I’ll keep an eye on the forum.