Use Query method of Data XMLRC

Hello, guys, I’m trying to retrieve all the orders using the xml rpc data query method but I’m getting an error. I can’t understand what is it that I’m doing wrong. Please advice. Thanks

Here is how I’m trying to retrieve orders

$this>$this->infusionsoftService->data()->query($table, 100, 0, [“Id”=>“%”], [“Id”] ,[“Id”], 1 );

and here is the image of the error that I’m recieveing:

I was able to solve it. I just needed to add true rather then one.

I just want to ask one more thing. In query we need to tell everything we need. Is there any way to get all the attributes without telling it what to get and what not to get

No you have to tell it what fields you want. Also note worthy is that if you request a field and that field does not have information in it then it will not return regardless of you requesting, which is to say it doesn’t return an empty field but rather doesn’t return a field in the array at all if it doesn’t have any value in the field.

so is there any way to get all the fields. I need to get all the fields.

Create the array by using the field names in the table schema. When you read a record, use foreach and psuedo the element names with the values. You can then assign the values to the array via the existing element names.