Retrieve Referral Partner Click History via API

Is there a way to retrieve a contact’s "Referral Partner Click History via the api? I’m looking to get the Click URL, Website and Ad that can be seen under the contact’s Referral Partner Tracking tab. I can’t figure out what table the information is stored in.

Thank you

Hey @Mike_Krenitsky I believe this information can be found in the “Referral” table.

Hi Carlos,

Thank you for getting back to me. I don’t know if you can check out a particular contact for me under our account but I’m seeing click tracking information via the contacts page but when I query the referrals table it is only returning me the IPAddress and not the fields I assume would contain the click tracking (Info, Source and Type). I am requesting all the fields.


Hey @Mike_Krenitsky I noticed that Info and Source are empty for me as well… I will check into this some more and update you with my findings.

Hey @Mike_Krenitsky I apologize, I was mistaken. I do not currently see a way to get the Referral Partner Click History through the API. I have submitted a ticket for review to our product manager for this feature.

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@Carlos_Ochoa thank you for looking into this for me and the update.