"Restriction of 1 call per second”?

I’m creating an affiliate area on my Wordpress site with Memberium.

Infusionsoft will track all the data (clicks, opt ins, sales, etc…) on a third party universal sales funnel that will be used by every affiliate (Clickfunnels).

I’ve been informed from support that I, the admin of Infusionsoft will be able to view the data, but unless I gave all my affiliates access to my account, they wouldn’t be able to view their data.

So I’m looking to create an API Call that would take that data from Infusionsoft and populate it into the Memberium Affiliate Area where they can view their stats.

However I’m wondering how infusionsoft gives the data back and what this would mean with the " “restriction of 1 call per second”.

For example: Does 1 call can return everyone or is it like have to call individually for each user?

And how would that play out if I had 100 users accessing at the same time.
Would the api will rate limit me and just not return the call?

So if make more than 1 call per second to the api (e.g 2 people logging in to check the stats) then the api will reject the second request.

But if one person logged in 1 second and the other person logged in like 2 seconds later then there shouldn’t be problem.


Hi @HUYNH_THI, you can find details about throttling here. I’m not aware of any of our throttling being only 1 call per second.

I agree with Nicholas, I’m not sure where the 1 API call per second limitation misinformation is coming from. I’ve heard it repeated several times lately.

If you’re using Memberium shortcodes and functionality we have caching and optimization to minimize the effect of API quotas.

When we do hit throttling, we do a backoff and retry until the API call fails or succeeds.

For Memberium questions I would recommend contacting support@memberium.com since we don’t monitor these forums.