Any way to increase the api limit?

Is there anyway to increase the limit of 25/seconds call? Cause sometimes I need to sync a bunch of member to our platform and it takes more than 25/seconds.

Hey @Guillaume_Bourdages, are you wanting to increase the calls per second? or increase the limit of time between calls? I think this may be a perfect situation to use REST Hooks. REST Hooks allow you to setup a “listening” server that you manage. This server is “subscribed” to certain events. For example, you will “listen” for a contact added event, which allows Infusionsoft to send your “listening” server the contact id(s) that were recently added. For more information please visit: Keap REST API. Does this help answer your question?



Currently no, the increase isn’t offered, however, it is, in theory, something that could come about in the future. The answer to resolve this in the mean time would depend on what direction for information you are referring to. If you are going from a third party system into Infusionsoft by way of a service or process, then you will want to self throttle. If you are referring to syncing from Infusionsoft to a third party system then what @Carlos_Ochoa1 has suggested would be the best approach as it would handle updates in a more real time fashion.

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Sounds interesting, will look into it

Ok thanks, might need to review my use case and design my app differently then. Thanks!

We do allow increases in throttle on a case by case basis. If you are interested you can file an API support ticket to ask.

Ok thanks, where do we fill a ticket?