Can I get clarification on "restriction of 1 call per second"?

I’m creating an affiliate area on my Wordpress site with Memberium.

Infusionsoft will track all the data (clicks, opt ins, sales, etc…) on a third party universal sales funnel that will be used by every affiliate (Clickfunnels).

I’ve been informed from support that I, the admin of Infusionsoft will be able to view the data, but unless I gave all my affiliates access to my account, they wouldn’t be able to view their data.

So I’m looking to create an API Call that would take that data from Infusionsoft and populate it into the Memberium Affiliate Area where they can view their stats.

However I’m wondering how infusionsoft gives the data back and what this would mean with the " “restriction of 1 call per second”.

For example: Does 1 call can return everyone or is it like have to call individually for each user?

And how would that play out if I had 100 users accessing at the same time.
Would the api will rate limit me and just not return the call?

So if make more than 1 call per second to the api (e.g 2 people logging in to check the stats) then the api will reject the second request.

But if one person logged in 1 second and the other person logged in like 2 seconds later then there shouldn’t be problem.


Hi @Alex_Shen,
If I understand your concern correctly, I believe what you are asking can be accomplished using Memberium Infusionsoft short-codes. How the integration works, is Memberium calls your Infusionsoft application through the Infusionsoft api. I believe there is a 2 call per second limitation here, if they are still using the legacy api key to authenticate the connection.

Without sounding crass, I wouldn’t worry too much about limitations for your affiliates accessing their “profiles”. It is good to be aware of the limitations however, so I would reach out to Memberium for support on exactly what you are trying to do but it sounds like you will be ok. Here is the affiliates short-code which might handle what you are looking to accomplish.

Thanks Carlos!

I will have my developer check this out and get back to you!

I ended up finding out after some digging that Memberium’s ability to bring over the data that we want is limited.

They are only able to provide:
Amount Earned: [memb_affiliate_running_totals fields=AmountEarned]
Clawbacks: [memb_affiliate_running_totals fields=Clawbacks]
Running Balance: [memb_affiliate_running_totals fields=RunningBalance]
Payments: [memb_affiliate_running_totals fields=Payments]
…As well as everything on here:

What we’re looking to pull though, is tracking information from individual links on a funnel and display it on our membership site.

Do you know if this is possible to do?