Radio buttons on web forms -- I need to limit to one choice

I need my web form users to be limited to only one answer. Can this be done? They are clicking on multiple choices and launching sequence mayhem…


Could you just use a checkbox?

It’s sounding like you’re maybe looking to apply a tag / trigger campaign automation via form options?

Once a user selects a single radio button, they cannot de-select. Which, as a user, I find to be annoying.

Could you give a little more context?

I’ve built the trigger campaign. I’m trying to get users to sign up for one date of 5-6 options. Only one.

Radio buttons should allow one box. Check boxes don’t seem to offer that either.

I’m getting multiple sign ups from people. Wondering if it’s a glitch in my decision diamond or…?


Hmm. I’m no expert, but radio buttons are really only supposed to allow for one option to be chosen. To my understanding, that’s what defines them and makes them different from, say, just dumping a line of checkboxes.

Which of these (if any) are you doing in your decision diamond?
image or image

Are you familiar with the (fairly recent) feature of being able to test decision diamonds? Could be helpful for testing your DD logic.

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I chose form submission. Seems the web form should let you set it to only one option.

Thanks for thinking it thru w me. So frustrated. It makes the whole process useless.

You bet! I get it - I’ve been using Infusionsoft for a little over a year now and it certainly does have its quirks. It’s good to be able to hash them through here.

Are you familiar with the testing feature?

Additionally, I’m not sure how having only one radio option helps. Maybe I’m misunderstanding. But let’s say you want to let the customer sign up for an event that is happening on 4 unique dates. In that case, you would want 1 radio control with 4 items. As opposed to 4 radio controls with 1 option each. Otherwise they could select up to 4 dates simultaneously, which sounds like it would defeat your purpose.

Spot on Avery. Radio options are mutually exclusive.

It’s like saying “Does your business have a) more than 10 employees, or b) 9 or fewer employees?”

Both can’t be true, so the radio option only allows them to select one or the other.

Checkboxes are used when both answers can be true, like this:

What kind of ice cream do you like:
a) Mint Chocolate Chip
b) Rocky Road
c) Rum Raison

In that example they could obviously check them all (yum).

Pina, if this is different than what you’re experiencing then I’d imagine something is improperly configured - maybe share a little screencast video of the campaign, or of the web form and we can help diagnose!

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I tested it… thanks for suggesting this – and it allows multiple answers…!

If I hit 2 radio buttons, it starts me on 2 sequences…why doesn’t my webform allow me to check: SELECT ONLY ONE…or something similar…when I"m creating it ???

THanks for all your brains working this out with me – I don’t see what I’m missing.

Here’s the link to my webform…take a look please.


Hi Pina, either I’m not following what you’re saying, or radio buttons have changed how they work, or you’ve got a bug.

Radio buttons, by definition, are one or the other. You cannot select more than one option in a radio snippet - that’s the whole point.

When I open your web form I’m only able to select one of the date options - are you saying that when you open that same link you shared that you ARE able to select multiple options?

If you’d like to do a screen capture recording of what you’re seeing I’m happy to try and help diagnose.

Ok!! You’ve helped me!! If you only get one choice it’s working as designed!

Earlier on I was getting users sign up for multiples which launched corresponding campaigns so they got a confusing deluge of emails. But that seems to have stopped.



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