Radio buttons within a landing page form

I have placed a 2 button radio button (will grow to 4) virtual field to our landing page form. It only allows for one button to be selected. Is there a way to offer more than one to be selected?

Radio buttons are designed to be single-option — meaning that only one option can be selected at a time.
If you want to let someone choose multiple items, then you need use checkboxes. They allow for multiple selections.


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Thanks Jeff! Got er done!

Just to clarify, this is HTML specification standard behavior, not an InfusionSoft decision. “Radio buttons” are a group of at least two options in which only one option is to be user selected. “Check boxes” are independent binary choices (e.g. on/off, yes/no) where the user selects or unselects them separately. You can have an unlimited number of unlimited check boxes and an unlimited number of radio button groups (but each group must contain at least two options) in any form.