How do I make a webform pick a specific sequence to start depending on the radio checkbox that is selected while the webform is being filled out?

I have 3 sequences, and depending on how the webform is filled out, I want a different sequence to begin firing off. This only needs to be based off of one of the Webform’s fields, which I currently plan to be a radio field, the rest of the fields shouldn’t have any effect on how the sequence is chosen, or displayed.
Basically, if Radio A is chosen, I want Sequence A to begin, if Radio C is chosen, Sequence C should begin. It would be nice if it brought me to a different “Thank you” page as well if possible.

Set up your sequences after the web form and in the decision diamond set up the “if option 1 is chosen, etc.” to determine which option is chosen on the form to determine which sequence they go into.

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 12.58.33 PM.png

Can’t send to a different landing page natively.
If a different landing page is a critical issue, apply a tag with the option choice and then use a SmartLink from PlusThis to set up the variable landing page.


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