Product Interest dropdown not working in Opportunity

Hi, I entered in products and when I go to CRM and to Opportunity and try and add product interest nothing appears in the dropdown. What have I done wrong? Also under General where it stay Currently assigned to: it says ‘no option available’. How do I fix that and add reps?

When a product interest bundle is created it should show up in that drop down. As far as the assigned to…I believe that will only show users under a specific user group.

My understanding is this feature is broken…


Which feature is broken. The product interest or assigned to?

I had to create a Team before the Assign To would work. Did not assign the team to anything, so it must just need “a” team.
“Products” and “Product Bundles” are not “Product Interest Bundles”. These can be added from the CRM section under Sales.
Works for me :slight_smile: