Sync opportunity/contact owner

Sync opportunity/contact owners doesn’t seem to be working. I change the owner of one, and linked record’s owner doesn’t change. Any ideas?

Hi, Brett, I just tested this out and it worked in my account. I created a new opportunity, assigned to me, saved it, then changed the owner on the opportunity record and the owner changed on the contact record as expected. My settings are below. Are you managing/editing opportunities in a different way? Could you explain your process in a bit more detail?

Hey man! Thanks for the reply. I just tested like you did, and it worked for me, too. I’ll revisit this if I come across a more specific scenario. Right now I’m just noticing some records out of sync… not sure if it happened when reassigning a departing rep’s opportunities, or upon opportunity creation (we have an internal form that’s connected to a sequence that creates an opportunity and assigns based on radio button selection/decision diamond). Like I said, I’ll be back if I can find better info. For now, just ignore me. :smiley: It’s funny being on this side of Infusionsoft. I just want stuff to work and I don’t have time to investigate. But you can’t help me without better info! Hope you’re doing well!

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No problem Brett! We’ll be here to help you when the time comes. Hope you stop by more often :slightly_smiling_face: