Assign Opportunity Owner from Order Purchase?

Hi @Andy_Wroe / @Jeff_Arnold, I need your expertise here.

Is there a way to assign an Opportunity Owner based on the Referral Partner set in an Order Purchase?

I see in the Campaign Builder you can Assign an Owner, but that will be for the Contact Record.
Just wondering if there is any clever workarounds that can be done natively within the application.

Or is there a way to report an Order Purchase against the Opportunity that is generated for the Contact?

If not, then the only other solution would be to use an API Script to update the Opportunity Owner instead.


I don’t work with Opportunities at all when we build, but given that the Opportunities and in a parallel database, as is the affiliate:referral info, I’m 99% sure the only way to do this would be to use an API.

Do you want it to be the same person as the owner, or someone different?

@Andy_Wroe, someone different in this case.

There is a process involved where one person creates the opportunity, but someone else makes the sale.
It would be beneficial that the opportunity reflected the person who made the sale.

Changing the Opportunity Owner manually would be another solution if it is feasible.

It MAY be possible using Any Text, Anywhere or another of pocket developer plugins, theoretically if that can see the referral partner name - it could copy that to either a contact custom field and/or opportunity.

You might want to reach out to them and discuss.