Problem with email sequence

Campaign had three email sequence but only sent the last email, by-past the first two emails. WHY


Everything in this screenshot looks correct.

If you want me to go into your account with partner access to review, email me directly and I’ll take a look for free.



Thanks Jeff,

I might take you up on your offer if my local Keap Partner does not get back to me soon.



Simple check, is that version the published version of the campaign? That is the editor view, which may very well be quite different from the published view. Naturally, the published view is what it does. Check by clicking “Reporting” at the top center of the campaign editor page.

Since the items are ‘solid green’, I’d assume that this is the ‘published’ view … if unpublished, they would probably be green/grey striped – but you never know, so great suggestion to confirm it’s published.

@Peter_Hansen if you need my help, let me know.


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No, you are right, Jeff. I just did some checking and the color of those elements indicates they are published.

When elements are solid green, they have been published. When they are striped green with light green they are marked “ready”, but not yet published. When they are grey they are not marked ready and they are not published.

LOL, I guess I’m not really a color coding kind of person.