Privy and Infusionsoft integration

Hello all,

We use Privy to earn newsletter subscribers. Currently Privy is not syncing with Infusionsoft. I am encouraged to log in to Infusionsoft via a Privy screen to resolve the issue but encounter an error screen - attached.

Is anyone else experiencing now or have you ever experienced a similar issue?


I was able to do setup and the IS connection pretty smoothly. Possibly a temporary server related issue or maybe clear internet cache?

Hi John, it was set up but has now stopped syncing. I think it’s a temporary issue on Privy side. Hoping they will acknowledge this soon.

If the 500 error (which is an internal server error) is happening via a page on their site, it will be something that Privy has to diagnose. We have no visibility into their system.

That’s what I thought. Thanks Tom. I have contacted them but it is taking some time to get a response.