Booker/Infusionsoft Integration Issue

I just integrated my booker and infusionsoft accounts. At first it seemed to be working importing the new contacts gradually until a little over 1,000 contacts and then it stopped. I have disconnected and reconnected now 2x, and it has added about 5 additional contacts, but it’s going VERY slowly, and I have a LARGE list to integrate. Is anyone familiar with this integration, and do they have any advice or tips?

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I’ve been having trouble with the booker integration as well, this is the reply I’ve been given by Infusionsoft so far:

"We don’t actually work with third-party platforms and integrations, though - so there’s not really any way for me to investigate or troubleshoot that this case I would request you to get in touch with booker to check with the integration they might be able to assist you further "

So, I think I figured out a few things. Maybe they will be helpful to you. Only contacts with emails are transferred over from booker. If you add a FAKE email like it will immediately transfer it over. Also, in order for booker to recognize someone who was enter into infusionsoft FIRST, the emails need to match and then the rest of the information is matched up. I am waiting to hear back from book about this whole issue because I have A LOT of no email members and that’s a lot of work to adjust them all to fake emails.

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Hello, may I ask what connector you are using to sync Booker and IS? I am looking for an existing connector that does not have to be built. Thanks!