Printing mailing labels

Is anyone else having trouble generating labels to print? I’ve been doing it the same way for a very long time but the word doc keeps opening ‘empty’ every time I generate. Did something perhaps change that I’m not aware of?

Same for me, Christine. Looks like it’s a critical known issue, so it should be resolved soon.

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Hi @Christine_Leonetti. This is currently a newer issue that we have sent over to our development team, to resolve. I tested in my app and a couple others, just to see if I got the same result in the other applications, and I did. A blank word doc is downloaded.

I don’t have much updated information on this issue, but keep an eye on the known issues page at

I went ahead and created a case for you, and attached it to the issue, so if you look at the known issues page, you do not need to report this for your application.

Good to know - thanks!

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Great - thank you!

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As a workaround, if you’re able to pull those contacts into an export, you can use the label wizard in Word to print your labels.

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Is this still a known issue? I am having the same issue…