Letter Print campaign

I don’t know I am trying to edit a letter I cut and pasted from Word…The editor not good, I can’t even find a double or single space option…I have 500 letters I am mailing I think I better stick to word…I was thinking about tagging the people I send the letter to…
Any suggestions?

Hi Rick, Just to make sure I am on the right track you are pasting a word doc into the Letter body, is that right?

yes i am

Got it. Are you creating the Letter under Marketing > Templates? http://screenshots.screencast-o-matic.com/screenshot/u/1HxZ/1496789000913-75165.png

yes exactly then when you go into the editor it just seems a little clunky…like I can’t find the double space or single space to name one thing

Double spacing happens automatically but to create a single space hold the shift key when you hit Enter.

ok let me try do you use this tool a lot?? I am afraid to do a bulk letter send with this tool I need to mail 500 old paper letters

I have run tests to create the letter document but I haven’t actually mailed letters. When you use the Letter tool it creates a Word Document with labels (if you select that setting) on your Dashboard for you to download and print out. You basically use it for the personalization from the contact merge fields. You can always make adjustments if needed once you have that letter downloaded.

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Personally, I would skip the headache of trying to rebuild a Word document in the old builder and just export the contact information into csv and mail-merge it into Word. I’ve had to do that with labels as the Infusionsoft Avery dimensions are not always accurate…and it works like a charm. If this is part of a campaign, you can set it up as a fulfillment list and automate the sending of the csv file to you.

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that’s what I wanted to hear let infusionsoft do what its good at and let word do what its good at it just wanted validation for my thoughts thanks!!

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No problem, Rick. I fixed the link above. I meant to link to the campaign sequence fulfillment list.