Can I use a better editor to create a letter template?

I need to create a letter with variable data but the letter editor is fairly limited for formatting. Is there an editor I can use outside of infusionsoft and then import the variable data in to it

Hi Steven,
You can import text.
As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, my team and I can also create a template that matches your brand identity and your needs.
Please book a time that works for you and my team and I will take a quick look.


Hi @Steven_Van_Ryswyk,

They are a bit limited but with campaign merge fields (not the same as standard merge fields) it is possible to provide some dynamic information that you will only have to change in one place in a campaign. The question is, are you sending this ‘letter’ via email or is this something that you wish to send physically by having them printed and snail mailed? This will make the difference in the answer as you can use the new email builder to simulate the look of a well formatted and attractive letter or if print offs, then there are already services that will do this at very reasonable prices. You probably don’t need an ICP for this.

I am printing the letter and having it signed by the client. Sorry, I am new to infusionsoft and I am not sure which route to go

You might then consider a fulfillment house for mailers? You would then be able to design with them and just send them a fulfillment list from IS with the details they would need to print with.


I am facing the same challenge – trying to set up a mailed renewal notice as a Letter in IS and the editor is really disappointing. Can’t look at the code for HTML/css, and can’t edit/position text to make sure a merged address will fit in a window envelope, or even draw lines or boxes.

And it’s really a shame, because the workflow process of creating letters, assigning them as a task, so that someone can print them out and send, is really nice. But it seems that the only option – if any amount of design is needed – would be to use a Fulfillment List instead of a Letter, take the list outside InfusionSoft and do a manual mailmerge in Word or similar.

At least this is my impression. Am I missing something? Would love if that were true.