Printing Labels from Infusionsoft in the UK

We urgently need to use the PRINT LABEL feature of Infusionsoft, but being based in the UK, the actual labels we need to purchase that match any one of the AVERY label sizes that appear in infusionsoft are just not available in the UK! I have contacted Avery and they have confirmed that they dont sell the US labels in the UK. I have been asking Infusionsoft for YEARS to add some UK-compatible label options inside the “print label” feature (such as L4612 or 3425) but all to no avail. I have to print 1000 labels from our database this week and have zero means to do it with first flapping around with export to Excel, then merge with Word. Come on Infusionsoft!!! Please stop ignoring us UK subscribers and provide a uk-compatible label size!!!

Example here of what is in Infusionsoft that we just cannot utilise in the UK: 01.15.2024-19.12.49

Has anyone else had this problem and found an easy workaround?

I specifically need the label size option for 5 x 2 Labels of 105mm x 57mm each (10 to an A4 sheet) to fit UK Avery Labels 3425 shown here: Multipurpose Labels | 3425 | Avery