Please help me test a Stripe Payment Type on an Order Form


It would be great if somebody could help me figure out how to do a test transaction with Stripe.

I want to test the checkout process without charging a real card. I used a “test card” from Stripe’s documentation. The error I received: “Your card was declined. Your request was in live mode, but used a known test card.”

I’m not sure how to make the request in “test” mode. I don’t see any settings in Payment Types page in InfusionSoft. And I can’t figure out if there is something I should be configuring differently in Stripe.

Does anybody have any ideas?


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If the message came from Stripe, this would be a question for Stripe support. It sounds like the kind of message you get in reply from the processing agent. I don’t think any setting in IS is going to help with this.

Note, it’s probably safe to assume that any “test mode” in Stripe will also block attempted real transactions. Again, verify with Stripe support.

Thanks, I kind of figured that would be the response. I’ve found when there are problems with integrations, it’s always a problem on the other side.

Let me rephrase the question: Has anybody ever been able to use test Stripe cards on an InfusionSoft checkout cart? I’d be really interested in any positive experience with that…

Stripe supports “test mode” keys. I can’t find any way to configure InfusionSoft to use those keys. Striped tells me to use the test mode. As far as they or I can tell, you don’t set Stripe to “test mode”–so can InfusionSoft send requests in “test mode”? Am I missing something?

I’m probably missing some sort of configuration, but the challenge remains–can anybody test Stripe merchant account integration and get a test charge to work? That’s all I’m trying to do here.



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It sounds like you’re on the right track. Unfortunately, we don’t use Stripe, so I don’t think I can help further.

I’m also very interested in finding out how to test Stripe transactions. I’m developing a custom order form using the Infusionsoft API. I set up a developer sandbox account in Keap and I picked Stripe as my Merchant Gateway. I need to test a variety of different payment method responses like insufficient funds and other card declined messages.

I think I had this problem when adding Stripe to our Infusiosft payment types.
I wanted to check to see if the integration of stripe payment merchant was successful in Infusionsoft.

From past experience, I know Stripe has a testing function and you can use their test cards (Testing | Stripe Documentation) but the application that is being, linked to (Infusionsoft, a Word press plugin etc) needs to be set and tell Stripe that it is in ‘testing mode’.

I called Infusionsoft/Keap technical support and from their end, within the code (which users do not have access to) they were able to switch the merchant gateway into testing mode. The stripe test cards worked so the integration was successful I then had them change it back to live.

Hopefully, this info helps