Is It Possible To Put My Keap Max Classic Cart in Test Mode for PayPal?

Is there a way to put my Keap eCommerce Cart into “Test Mode”? I would like to do a test purchase in order to see what the Customer is seeing. Is it possible to do this without using a live Credit Card? I’ve connected up PayPal as my merchant of choice.



Hi Thom,

Yes you can… sort of. What you would need to do is set up a test payment processor called something like PayPal - Test that way when you select the payment processor in the order form, you KNOW it’s the test server. If you forget to change it back, any valid purchases will go into oblivion and are un-retrievable as far as I know. I never let that happen myself so I never experienced what happens but it’s a nothing void except your clients credit cards do get charged real $ but you don’t get them. So DONT forget to change that back after your test.

You will need to get access to a test server, here is how you do it.

I have set up test payment processors using Keaps (Infusionsoft) own test server (same rules apply about making sure you change it back to your Live payment processor. I have also set up an account with

The other way to do it is create yourself a discount code dropping the charge to say $1 or $10. Put in the discount code when you goto test, it will change the amount to what you put in as the discount and your live charge will other wise trigger all automation and after the test, do a refund back to your card. You do this by going to your contact record that you ordered under via emai address then find the order and initiate your refund.

Thats the safest way to do it, but there is setting up a PayPal test server. Their support is pretty good, and if you get stuck you can always ask them.

Hope that helps!