Using Stripe integration with test mode


I have connected my Stripe account to my KEAP account and want to try some test payments for the same. I reached out to the KEAP Technical support team where they switched over from Stripe Live mode to Stripe test mode but post doing that I’m getting errors on my checkout form - Error below

“error”: {
“message”: “The client_secret provided does not match any associated PaymentIntent on this account.”,
“param”: “client_secret”,
“request_log_url”: “Stripe Login | Sign in to the Stripe Dashboard”,
“type”: “invalid_request_error”

It seems the API keys on Stripe account do not match the Stripe keys that are available with KEAP. The technical support team asked me to raise the question here. Any inputs would be helpful.

Hi @Abhishek_Bhambhu,

Stripe has Test and Live API Keys.

What you need to do is to switch to the “Test Mode” and get the “Developers - API Keys” for it.

Note, when you decide later on to switch back to the Live Mode, make sure you toggle off the “Test Mode”, and use the Live API Keys listed.

Picture below shows where you need to go to toggle it.

PS: I am surprised Keap Support does not know this given the fact they have native integration for Stripe.

Hi @Pav ,

Thanks for the response. I have switched the two toggles and I have the API keys. But my question is where should I use those API keys? Is there somewhere in KEAP where I can mention those API keys?

I see that connecting to Stripe is done differently.

Here are instructions in doing it for your application:

I believe you may have to disconnect your account, and reconnect it again. I presume that if you are in Test Mode, then the connection should use that account. Not tried it that way before.

Thanks @Pav
Yup, I switched over Stripe to test mode - disconnected and connected again and it worked.

Weird flow but it worked. Thanks for the help.