Outlook sync version crashes

Does any one know when ITS will release a version that does not crash with outlook?

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Ok… so this si what I just did.

  1. un install the plug in
  2. rebooted the PC
  3. verified that the plug in and registry entries were remove
  4. rebooted the pc
  5. downplay the plug in
  6. set up a admin woodwinds
  7. installed the plug in form admin
  8. Plug in did not start - outlook disabled it because it crashed
  9. reboot the plug in


any feedback from infusionsoft - an ongoing frustration… other crms work fine.

I have no idea when IFS will fix this. they are very quite on the subject.

I am having the same issue. Tried installing, uninstalling, rebooting. Still no luck. Has anyone had this problem resolved?

I don’t expect this to be fixed in the current version. The issue is older version of outlook (version 2010 and earlier). IFS is linking to the wrong outlook libraries adn trying to be compatible with stuff that has end of life. In Jul 2019, MS end of life office 2010. If IFS is smart about this, they will release two version of the outlook plug in (1) legacy version for office 2010 and earlier (adn drop support) and the 2) a new version for outlook 2013 and later (linked to the new outlook 2019 libraries (which will not work on 2010 and earlier)…

If IFS take this approach, they are free to deploy the necessary Office enhancements, security enhancements, modern authentication and have an opportunity to support the Office 365 – Outlook web version. To do this, the IFS developers need to drop support for the legacy outlook products and embrace the new Office API and support modern authentication. Once IFS does this, the plug will again work for office 2013 and new offer versions - and if they are smart about it, work for office 365 web.

Until then, we are stuck with no IFS support for outlook. Maybe once IFS gets enough complaints, they will fix this. I discovered this problem, diagnose the cause, informed IFS over 9 months ago. There solution is to turn off new outlook features - which you and I have found no longer works.