Outlook Sync plugin - add/locate contact when sender email address is generic email

Hi, I have this scenario:

  • Customer submits a contact form on one of our websites

  • The email notification lands in Outlook (desktop version)

  • The sender email address of the email is always set to our generic ‘enquiries@xxx’ address (this is because the email is sent to us using our SMTP details)

Problem is: I can’t use the outlook plugin to create (or locate) a contact, as it only tries to match on email address, which is the same for each contact (enquiries@xxx).

Does anyone know a workaround for this?

Maybe pulling the contact email address from the body/subject/reply-to address of the email, and using that to match an existing contact?

It’s possible to update the contact form so that the sender email address displays as the customer’s email address as entered into the contact form - but as this is effectively spoofing I don’t want to risk being blacklisted.