Order form custom field not working

I have an order form where the customer acknowledges the terms of service by typing the initials.
That should be saved under the customer’s record but it’s not.

I need help figuring out what is wrong.

Anyone that could help?

depends on how the field is setup in the order form. If you provide a link then we could look at the code for the page.

Here is the form John


I tried to copy and past the HTML snipped here but it did not work.

Thanks for looking into it

Hey, @Fernando_Lamounier,

I’m pretty sure that the input elements id and name attributes should be Contact0_ContractInitials not inf_custom_ContractInitials. I can’t check an example at the moment but try that out and let me know.


Do you men like this:

href=“http://sproutpoint.com/medical-life-academy-agreement/” target=“_new”>acceptance of terms by entering my initials *

Do I need to then create the custom field to store this info?

Is there a way to test it?

Thanks again