Office 365 / Outlook Compatability

I am new to Infusionsoft and would like to know if I can link Office365 / Outlook to Infusionsoft - I see there may be plug ins but how reliable are they?

There is (in the Market Place) a cool App that allows you to copy/update the IS Contact Records with different information.

BUT, it’s not compatible with the Outlook Phone App - Which stinks…

Thanks Cindy, you mention phone app, does the App work on a PC?

So Infusionsoft has not come up with compatibility for Outlook 365?

That does stink!

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Yes. It works on my desktop.

I’m driving right now but I’ll email you with the details in a couple hours.

Feel free to call me 401-659-6301.

Cindy Glover
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Hi Steve!

I have a few minutes if you’re available to talk?

I’m using Outlook 365 right now – Here are the options I have while I’m writing this email.

I’m going to send this email, then follow up again with the actual IS Sidebar…

And here are the options that I have once I’ve added you as a Contact in IS. (On the right)

Thanks Cindy
I am available to talk tomorrow afternoon if you have a moment


Steve Libertore

Sure – I’ll be happy to make some time!

Did you see the pictures OK?