O' names don't register correctly

I’m finding on a regular basis that contacts that have names like O’Brien, O’Connor, O’Shea do not register correctly. They enter as a contact with No Name. Does anyone else have this issue and or is there a way to correct it?

I have not noticed this issue and have multiple contacts with O' as the start of their Last Name field. I ran some testing to create new contacts with O'Test, O' Test, and O’Test (with the curly type apostrophe). All of them successfully created and displayed correctly.

How are you creating these contacts? If they are coming from another server the data sent may be unintentionally “sanitized”. Some coding schemes would require a ' character to be “escaped” so that the code can run correctly. The data sent may be something like O\'Shea. When trying to enter a non-alpha character into the field manually, InfusionSoft gives an error and does not create the contact (I think hyphens would be allowed, but didn’t test it). If you are sending it over API, the only recourse the InfusionSoft engine has would be to simply ignore that field as “invalid data” and move on with the product creation. This would lead to “No Name” as a default.

If this turns out to be the issue, you need to change the data before it is sent to InfusionSoft so that it does not include these non-alpha characters.