New contact records always registers the same name

Hi there. I created a new contact record but it always registers to a different name. I already deleted that name previously but when I create a new one, the deleted name always appear to the newly created one. I need help. I already checked everything and could not find what’s causing the problem.

That shouldn’t be happening. I recommend you reach out to Support for them to troubleshoot that for you. You can connect to Chat directly through your app or call in.

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Thank you Amanda :slight_smile:


I can’t think of many conditions that this would even be possible, however, one would be an integration matter. Where are you creating contacts from? Within your Infusionsoft app or from say, a wordpress site? Are you using an IS webform or internal form or are you using the quick create method?

Hi John, I usually create new contacts using the quick create method and in this case, there are no internal and external forms involved.

Unfortunately, from here, IS support would have to look at history to better nail it down then.