No 'Other' option for the From email in the new Email Builder

Trying out the new email builder and have come up against that I can only select Users as the From or sending email which means that we can’t use it for large segments of our businesses. Whereas in the old version I can select Other and then manually input a sender name and email address.

Does anyone know of a workaround or if this will be added in future?

The best I have been able to come up with so far is to add another user which is just a dummy with the sender name and email address that I need to use.

I have also noticed that I can’t send test emails to manually typed addresses either.

We just finished a partner day down at the Keap headquarters and your solution of adding a user with the email you want to send from is the only solution that is currently available for the new email builder.



I had this question from someone else, and came back here to reference my answer.
I noticed that I didn’t read your question correctly.
At Partner day, people said that they could choose any other variant in the ‘from’.
You said you can only choose ‘users’ – that IS the solution they were going to implement.
They said that they had to do that due to abuse with the other method.

Your solution about adding a user with the email you want to send from is the solution they suggested.

They did say that they were going to investigate possibly setting something up where you could use any other variant from an established domain (meaning that if your users is - in my example - - you could use That would solve for 99% of the people, and keep the bad actors at bay.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for following up. Adding in an option for an established domain associated with a user would solve this for us, so it is good to hear that this may happen, and hopefully soon.

Kind regards,