Creating a User without a Last Name

Hello! We’re using the campaign builder to send marketing emails, and therefore the “from” or “sender” in our emails is one of our users.

So we want to send emails from our brand name, which is 1 word. We added it to the Name field of that user, but Keap requires a last name as well. That ‘user’ is the brand name – not a person, and we want the from field to only show that 1 word.

Any ideas on how to make that work?

Thank you!

If you are using the ‘Legacy’ emails (meaning not the most recent version of new drag and drop emails), you can set the ‘from’ field to be anything you want (so you could have “Brand <” as the ‘from’ address.

If you are using the ‘new’ email builder, that is a known issues that lots of folks have asked about. Not sure if you could put multiple spaces in the last name to give it some sort of value to try to cheat the system.


thank you! yes, we are using the new one. Lots of brands are just 1 word, so it strikes me as strange that the new builder is not accounting for that.

Along Jeff’s suggestion to put spaces in the last name field, maybe try &nbsp;, or any of the other character codes associated with the web, HTML, and fonts.

Thank you! That was worth a try but it didn’t work. I tried   as well as   in the Last Name field. and while it changes it to an invisible space in the Keap App, when sending an email, that code does show up in the ‘from’ field of the email. Have you seen it working with a different code?

I only just now had a go with the new email builder. Not being able to set the from field to any value I choose was the deal breaker. I wanted it to be from a specific Brand <>, just as you want here. So I would suggest just using the legacy builder.

Click the email icon that doesn’t say “new”:


This is what you see in the legacy builder:


You see a similar dropdown in the new builder, but you can only select among your Keap users.


Thanks! I had noticed we could do this in the legacy builder, but there are features in the New Builder that we need, and long term, we don’t know if the legacy will be around, so going to the Legacy one is not really an option either :frowning:

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