New Email Builder Causes Click Through Rates to Drop Massively 😩

Since using the new email builder the click through rates on my weekly broadcast emails has dropped massively.

I have been sending a regular weekly email at the same time and to the same list for several years. The click through rate was always between about 1.5% - 3%

For the last 3 week I have been using the new email builder and I am seeing click through rates of 0.3% :scream:

That is just 40 clicks on an email sent to over 15,000 people! I used to get around 250!!

The content is not any different to before.
The open rate remains about the same (around 45%)
The opt out rate remains about the same (> 0.1%)

Am going to test going back to the old builder again for the next couple of weeks to see if the CTR goes back up again.

Anyone else noticed this issue with the CTRs on the emails built with the new builder?

Keap - please do not get rid of the legacy builder because clearly the new builder is not fit for purpose