Email builder: HTML block not tracking clicks


For a long time we’ve been using the classic email builder to distribute our newsletter, recently we decided to use the new email builder along with the HTML block and take advantage of the new improvements on tracking and reporting. However, when we paste our code and run reports on the email, our clicks return as zero, apparently, there’s something wrong with links on the email that makes them untrackable. Is there a way to fix our code so it tracks clicks? The classic builder still tracks clicks and opens as usual. Are we the only ones experiencing this type of issues with the HTML block?

Hi Andrew,

Unfortunately I think that feature is “working as designed”. if you use the HTML snippet to add links to emails, it wills strip out all tracking and reporting for those links.

In some cases, this can be good. Because it allows you to create links that don’t automatically append contact details to them; but in your situation, yeah - not ideal.

Is it possible for you to use the normal text blocks and link builder? Or is there something specific the HTML block is giving you that you couldn’t do with the normal builder options?