Network Security on Macs

My company recently moved to Apple’s ecosystem of PCs and laptops due to suggestions from our employees. Most of our workstations are still windows. We currently have hired this network security solutions company for our machines. Since we are moving to Macs will we need their service anymore? I’ve heard that Macs are not really susceptible to cyber attacks and viruses.Whats your take on this?

Apple has taken greater steps to do things well which has helped them have more success on this front. Additionally, their OS is based on Linux which also lends itself better to being more secure. However, the misnomer that apple computers are any more difficult to hack is wrong. Also, networks and their servers are generally Unix and Windows based systems regardless of the OS the connecting computers are using. So ultimately, it doesn’t really matter the computer connecting as much as it does the system they connect to. Additionally, firewalls in the hardware that the OS systems operate on can vary no matter the OS.

In short, a network security solution is equally important no matter what you are working with for hardware and systems.


Thanks for the reply. So do you think we won’t need antivirus software on our macs?

I don’t know your infrastructure. Anti-virus software is actually one of the least effective tools but I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t use them on Macs (though many Mac users would debate this lol). I could hack a Mac every bit as easily as I could a Windows machine. The greater focus is best placed on the point where information comes into and leaves your network. Using a firewall in the hardware (preferably a network switch as apposed to just a router) and, if hosting a server, security on the server as well. But all of this would require network model analysis. It’s would presume alot to just say, “yeah use anti virus software” when nothing is known of your network model.

As a Mac user, I have Avast anti-virus software installed on the computer. Even though Apple computers are more secure, I would still have another layer of protection on the computer, just in case something new comes out. Apple can take several days to release a security patch.

But as @John_Borelli said, it also depends on what type of network you have set up as well. Another factor to consider is what media gets inserted into the computers as well. Someone could use a USB Drive that may have a virus on it, which in turn could infect their computer and network. I would say media rules need to be implied in the workplace as well.

As long you keep the Operating System up-to-date, have rules in the workplace, and the network configured correctly, you should be good.