Infusionsoft on iPad

it’s nearly the year 2020 and there is still no workaround for sending emails/Broadcasts from an iPad?

the 2018 Model iPads are faster than most Laptops now, but it keeps telling me I need the latest version of Firefox or Chrome (I have both), so the iPad is the issue.

DOES ANYONE have a workaround - apart from me

  1. bringing a 27" Mac Screen on the road
  2. buying another laptop Mac.

I took my laptop to Miami for 7 days expecting to work and holiday and it ruined the working holiday.

I really need the freedom to work on the road, on a boat, in the air, on a beach (and laptops are not suitable for this) an iPad is - INFUSIONSOFT are you listening?

thank you KINDLY to anyone with a sensible workaround.

with pride and respect.