Anyone else having trouble (starting yesterday) accessing Infusionsoft with an iPad or iPhone?

After using an iPad Pro daily for the last 3 years to access my Infusionsoft account, as of Thursday morning, 13 February 2020, I no longer can use my iPad Pro to access my account.

I called Tech Support, but they couldn’t come up with a logical reason.

Anyone else having the same problem.

The message I keep getting is "A problem repeatedly occurred on “https://(my app name)”

Ron Savelo

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I assume you have tried it on someone else pad to see if it is just yours? I’d check for you, but don’t have one sorry :slight_smile:

(PS all donations of iPad Pros gratefully accepted!)

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Hi Andy,

I’m the only one here (I work from my home) who has an iPad.

But, I do have an iPhone and it’s doing the same thing on the iPhone.

I also tried Firefox, along with Chrome, and with Firefox it did connect and go into the app after several tries, but it hasn’t worked since.

Bottom line is, KEAP changed something on their end, which is on the dashboard that is triggering the error on my Apple devices.

And the fact that KEAP doesn’t “service” any other devices other than desktop computers running the Chrome browser, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be serviced.

I’ve literally spent tens of thousands of dollars with Infusionsoft (probably over 50K) and this problem I’m having with running their app by way of my iPad (which I’ve been doing daily for several years now, without a hitch), should at least be looked into. The techy yesterday simply brushed me off with the “we don’t service Safari or iPads. Sorry.” Unacceptable.


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Same here. Also began experiencing this on the same day. Doesn’t matter which browser I try.

I can login on my iPad and iPhone but the Dashboard and most other pages crash constantly.

It’s become unusable.

Agreed that something has changed on their end.

I’m also having the same issue. Once I log in the dashboard loads and then an error comes up. Not cool…

I have the same issue !!!

Two of us at the office are having the same issues. My iPad is working now for some reason, but hit iPad and neither of our phones are working.

I just asked help about it and they told me to use the app on my phone instead of the website. Maybe they should try using the app before they recommend it. And who builds a website in the 21st century that won’t open on the most popular mobile device. We don’t need to edit and build campaigns, but we do need to be able to access our information on mobile devices and complete tasks.