Editing campaigns on an ipad

Anyone know how to edit campaigns on an ipad. I always get browser not supported.

I have tried both Safari and Chrome


Currently Infusionsoft only supports Chrome and Firefox for PC and Mac. Mobile versions of these browsers are not currently supported. While some users have had luck logging into certain aspects of the application, via a mobile device, we currently only support the Mac and PC based versions.

We have clients that log in using an iPad just to view their Dashboard saved searches - it appears they are able to click through to the Interactive View of lists and access internal forms. I’ve not tried it but I believe they’ve been able to do that at least.

Yeah, I’ve actually logged into the app before on my ipad. outside of some formatting glitches, there are some base things that you can do, but the application is not coded for this compatibility. We always stress that this unsupported functionality could be lost, during an update.

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Did you find that the Dashboard Saved Searches were accessible as well as the Interactive View, @James_Mefford? Even that capability seems useful for companies whose reps are not bound to offices.

This is the only thing keep me from leaving my laptop at home when I travel. Hopefully this compatibility will come soon