Apple mail not working

Apple mail not working for weeks - being sent to junk mail - HELP! I am losing business because of this…

How is your engagement rate (open and click rates) with other providers (Gmail and Hotmail)?

And how many apple (, & contacts do you have in your list?

I have thousands of apple accounts and I use apple mail as well. All of my communications are going into SPAM! Nearly impossible to contact (call) every account and have them update their settings. Any tricks of the trade? I am relatively new to INFS.

It’s apple mail - not apple email addresses. So if anyone has an iphone or mac and uses apple mail (regardless if their email is comcast, etc) it will go into SPAM. It is my understanding that apple has blacklisted INFS.

Why isn’t Keap sorting this out?

I use apple mail. I have 2 major issues.

  1. Hundreds maybe thousands of our contacts use macs - How can we operate our business when all our marketing campaigns are compromised? Do I need to find an alternative CRM??

  2. We have our email hosted on MS 365 Exchange server, thats then routed to us via Mac Mail. I have used a plugin called Tealeaves that links inbound and outbound emails to contact records in INFS. Tealeaves cannot be used in latest Mac OS. So what do we do?


I didn’t know apple mail client is marking keap emails as spam even for non-apple email accounts.