Why are my customer not receiving emails

why are my customer not receiving emails?

We have a free consult with our clients and then use the decision diamond to send the correct email. But customers are reporting never getting them :frowning:

It’s costing us $$$!!


Most likely answer is they’re going to spam. Do you have DKIM setup in your app and on your domain server? Is SPF setup or DMARC?

Thanks the response.

We have had Infusionsoft now for over 2 years with no issues, we tell ALL our clients as part of our process EVERYDAY to check junk emails.

This is the not the issue here, they are not receiving receipts, emails in sequences (not in junk at all) and this is costing us money.

Can you please check this urgently and also trial yourself so you can see.

This is really URGENT as we have lost money due to people not getting emails as we send hundreds daily.

Please get back to us asap.

I don’t work for Keap, @Kate_Langford,

You’ll want to get with support to see what they can find.

And how do I do that??? Please get someone to contact us ASAP I thought this was keap

Kate Langford


This is a Keap forum but I don’t work for them…I’m just a community moderator.

Asking me to ‘get someone’ is almost like asking your mailman to get someone.

Your options are:

  • Reach out to chat support from within your app. Let them know specifically what you're having an issue with in your emails.
  • You can also try the FB user group because some of the Keap employees monitor that and may catch it and reply. I don't know who the email compliance manager (that is who will likely know the most about it) is these days but someone in the FB group might.
  • Possibly try to @martinc who might know who the right person to have you talk to would be.

That is tough when we have an issue ? We pay a lot of money. :frowning: thanks

Kate Langford

I understand @Kate_Langford. Since Covid has come around, they don’t have people at the main office anymore (for now) which would have given more support options. But martin does work for Keap and there are others that the FB page would give a better chance of reaching out to.

Sorry you’re experiencing the frustration

And how do I get in touch with him?

You type a message and refer to him with an ‘at’ sign before his user name to draw his attention to the post OR you look up his user with his user name and send him a private message.

Hi John I was wondering there was one email that went out and it bounced over 300 people… IT was the last one in broadcasts… it says that theMail block - known spammer”.
Can you please advice?? I hope this is not happening all the time and a one off?