New cyber security strategies?

Hey guys,

Recently, I hear that, the organizations should come up with new cyber security strategies this year. Is this true? Have tried anything? It will be highly appreciated if you could share few of them so that this might help me a lot.

I was surfing, but I was short of finding active discussions about the strategies we need to build. So, I opt this as a good platform to have the discussions enrolled!

Could you make it happen by bringing in your comments and suggestions regarding the same?

I was [planning to contact cyber security solutions]for the help needed. Is it worth? Please do suggest any other possibility by which I could get some knowledge from.

I think it is high time that I push towards the cyber security options.

Welcome your thoughts!

Thanks much!

@John_Borelli do you have any recommendations?


The need for and extent of security rely’s on understanding and defining a few variables. One such variable would be information impact. If I only store a first/last name and email, while still personal information, it would represent a much less greater need than if I were in need of PCI DSS compliance for CC purchases or even more to point HIPPA compliance. A ISEC professional would do this assessment and recommend the appropriate level of security protocols for your needs. I personally do not specialize in this are but would suggest that in a case of security, you would want to focus on well established and proven companies for something that clearly holds such importance.

There are indeed new threats to security but there honestly always will be. As the saying goes, when you make a better lock, you also make a better thief. It really has boiled down to the cat and mouse game of staying one step ahead.