My IP is linked to on of my IFS Affiliates how do I stop that?

Hi everyone, I recently set up the affiliate tracking in IFS. One of the things I noticed is that when I set up a client manually on our order form it is going to one of our affiliates. Seems I’ve been logged as one of their leads and now every purchase is going to them. Can you let me know if there is a way to stop this?


I know this is older so you have likely figured it out already but I thought I would answer in case someone else stumbles across your question looking for their own answers :slight_smile:

Clear your cookies. You likely tested an affiliate link to make sure it worked. That cookied your computer with that affiliate’s “code” so when you enter in orders IS is seeing that cookie and giving the affiliate credit.

This is exactly how it is supposed to work. :slight_smile:

So it is always a good idea to clear your cookies before doing anything with filling out forms yourself in IS (webforms, order forms, purchases, etc) that way you will not have an affiliate’s cookie on your computer and the sale will not get credited incorrectly.


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