Set user's tracking cookie without making him/her re-submit opt-in form

When we are emailing to contacts from IFS we sometimes include links, that take them to some pages at our website. Some of these pages have opt-in forms, where we expect New users to enter their email.

But when a contact, that is already in IFS, gets there, we should not make the user submit the opt-in form again.

Is that technically possible?

Rough idea:

  1. We could use links like
  2. API script at our side would recognize ‘contactId’ parameter and:
  • Hide IFS opt-in form if contact id is valid
  • Fill in all cookies required by IFS for tracking purposes

That would work even if email link is clicked on a device, different from one, that was used for original opt-in

Is there any way of doing that?

You should be able to use your JavaScript front-end to check for the contactId in the URL–if it’s there and valid then keep the form hidden; otherwise, display it.

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Yea - that is not a problem. I can create my own cookie and hide opt-in forms across the site once a visitor has used a link with a valid ‘contactId’ in it. Sorry, I was not clear enough in my question.

The actual issue - is how to create appropriate IFS cookies, so that IFS can track traffic ( page visits ) as if the user would actually fill in the opt-in form ( assuming it is a new device or a browser, that the user never used to actually fill IFS opt-in form )

Huh, looks like there is no other way to set Infusionsoft tracking cookie other than submitting an actual Infusionsoft opt-in form in user’s browser.

I think I can simulate that submission with javascript and make it silent to the user.

But I think it should really be great if we’d have a way to fill tracking cookies in some smoother way assuming, that we already know user’s email and Contact ID.


I’m facing the same problem. I’d like that my frontend could inform infusion the user is logged in my website is “user xpto”. How you would emulate infusion cookie to inform this?