Monitoring replies to email blasts

I send out email blasts on behalf of the president of our company and other team members. Infusionsoft doesn’t allow me to receive or monitor replies to those emails which results in their mailboxes blowing up. Have any of you found a way around this?

Carol @Carol_White. One practice that is common is to designate a single “basket” email when sending out a series of emails like this. This way allowing management of the email responses in return. By setting up a “basket” email account will allow you to manage and collect responses in a controlled area and provide you the ability to forward the critical response when necessary. Some users choose to designate this email as a dedicated user in their app so that the contact details in the signature are managed as well and only provide contact details that they want to be shared, such as a phone number to customer service, but in other cases you can assign at time of the email blast an “other” email address and set this to your “Basket email”. Here’s a quick how-to-video I put together to give you an example. How to assign a basket email when sending a broadcast

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Thank you, Sara. We actually have distribution mailboxes (ex: info@…). We prefer not to use those when sending because we want it to appear to have come from the actual person who is sending the email. The previous email service I was using for email blasts allowed you to use the person’s actual email address, but out-of-office replies were not delivered, and I could also designate another email address (mine) to receive replies. Hopefully, Infusionsoft will consider adding this feature.

I appreciate your feedback!

Carol @Carol_White Unfortunately, I am unaware of another process to intercept inbound replies to batch emails, possibly @martinc can provide further insight to your issue. Have a wonderful week.