Mix it up - email stategies

This may be obvious to many but some times going back to the basics is necessary to ‘clear the mind’.

When it comes to getting your taget audience’s attention you have to mix up the design of your emails. We all get caught up in the latest fade; this isn’t a bad thing. This is how we grow and re-invent ourselves…we always have to learn new things and stay one step ahead otherwise we become irrelevant. However, often times we become consumed all of the latest fades and trends, losing sight of the basics.

One of the strategies we use for emails is to start out with a crisp well designed email. This includes graphics, video (if appropriate), buttons, etc. In other words, the works. As usual we’ll follow that email up with a number of others depending on the campaign objective. However, each subsequent email contains less graphical design. Here is the key, the last email sent is simple text, no images. Just pure text as if you just sat down and wrote the email and hit send.

In almost all cases we see the highest response rate from this last email.

Some food for thought for thoughs looking for ideas to get thier audience’s attention.

Best of Luck,
William ‘Rusty’ Halm


Thank you for that share, @William_Halm !