Different email formats for different providers?

Hi all, for example, I run some Litmus tests and noticed that there are providers that doesn’t display images automatically, making emails look quite silly simple. Would you advise to do non-visual emails to these providers, I think it was Outlook or one of them.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Hi @Sandis_Viksna_MoreNi

That is actually an interesting idea… You may be able to run some tests with this idea also, by sending out a normal email, and then sending out a non-visual email, later, to these providers. This might let you get some quick data on click-thru rates.

I know some of our other community members may have some input on this also, but I like your idea here.

My rule-of-thumb is to use images to enhance your layout. Use CSS to style it. The Email Builder does a good job of giving you a nice starting point to send nicely styled emails with a visible call-to-action even if images are blocked. Another downside to images is that overusing them will trigger SPAM filters if your image-to-text ratio too high.

Note that images are blocked, but it’s easy to read and the call to action is front and center.

Thank you for your suggestions, guys.