Missing Customer Billing Information filed values in Authorize.net

Here’s are notes from Authorize.net – Thank you again for holding. Looking over Transaction ID 64103818298, I see that this was submitted to us from your website/software solution, “Infusionsoft”, and the customer’s name, including any of the other ‘Customer Billing Information’ field values, were not submitted to us in the API request, which is why this information is showing blank in this case. As long as we receive the values in these fields from Infusionsoft, we will display it as such.

I apologize for the run around there as well. Infusionsoft should be able to provide us the raw request that was submitted for these that are showing blank data? With the raw request, this would confirm all of the fields and field values that they are passing through to us.

Do you know when this started happening?

We just had the exact same situation, but it doesn’t appear to be every order.

About a month ago. Same, not every order.

@Dentalfone_Dentalfon can you confirm this is happening on recurring subscription payments?

That’s where our issues seem to be.

Correct. Usually around 1/2 of the transactions are blank.